Cowboys QB Tony Romo Enjoys His Time In Vegas

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by TDJets72027, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo didn't win the American Century Celebrity golf tournament, but he enjoyed being part of the star-studded field for the first time. One of the highlights of Romo's weekend in Lake Tahoe was tossing a pass to future Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice. After playing partner Carson Palmer of the Bengals completed a pass to a spectator standing on a boat, Romo hit Rice on a short route off the 17th tee.

    Source: Dallas Moining News
  2. wide right

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    Is this news or more like something for the NFC forum or general NFL Discussion forum?
  3. SRW

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    Cowboy fans better be hoping this new superstar hasn't let fame go to his head. This is going to be a very telling year for Romo. He's got to show that the end of last year was a fluke. He came on like gangbusters early but really struggled late in the year. The jury is still out on if the Cowboys made a big mistake in giving Romo the keys to the offense.
  4. FZ06

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    I wouldn't call it a mistake, either way. Bledsoe was just too damn old, and too damn stiff. I'd rather have an inexperienced, more agile guy than Bledstine, were I a cowboy.
  5. RedskinsNo.1

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    It was the right move to hand over the offense to Romo, Bledsoe wasn't producing, we were in the same situation with Brunell and JC
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    I'm just glad I wasn't in attendance when he was swinging his golf club. My luck it would slip out of his hand and I would wind up taking a header....

  7. Litez0ut

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    Romo, will have alot to prove. Alot of the cowboys success will depend on whether he is the real deal or whether he just had a good first few games.
  8. frost

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    I think any QB that comes off the bench will have initial success until other teams have tape on his tendencies/habits. That's the reason he started fast and finished ok.
  9. Litez0ut

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    I agree,Dallas defense will be improved with Spencer and with Wade Phillips the way he runs the 3-4 he allows to 3 guys up front to make more plays something Parcels didn't do. Romo, has the talent around him it's going to be up to him to take them to the next level.