Cowboys QB Tony Romo Says He Trusts WR Dez Bryant

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    Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo says he trusts Dez Bryant.

    Romo and the physically gifted Cowboys wide receiver haven’t been on the same page several times this season and it’s no secret that their miscommunications have contributed to Romo’s league-high 13 interceptions.

    One of the most recent examples came during Sunday’s 29-24 loss to the New York Giants. Romo threw his first of four interceptions after Bryant ran an incorrect route.

    “I just feel like the guy made a good play on it,†Bryant said Thursday, referring to the interception made by Giants safety Stevie Brown. “I ran it a tad bit too deep. That’s what it was.â€

    Bryant declined to say that he let Romo down on the play.

    “I know Romo believes in me,†Bryant said. “As you can see, as the game went on, he was still coming at me.â€

    Source: Dallas Morning News

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