Cowboys Unlikely To Sign Jared Allen

Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by markaz, Mar 19, 2014.

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    The Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen returned to his home after visiting the Cowboys to discuss his options with his wife, David Moore of the Dallas Morning News reports. A source said that was the plan all along and that a decision by Allen would be coming “over the next few days.”

    Melton’s signing will impact that decision. A source said it’s unlikely that the Cowboys will now add Allen to the roster.

    As crazy as it sounds, I'd love for the Cards to sign this guy even if it is 3 years $30 million. The guy produces year in and year out.
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    Last I heard this morning, he's leaning away from the Cowboys.
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    I heard the same thing. We can't afford him anyways. I say lets keep building from the draft. We may stink it up next year, but the way Jerry is moving older players out we might have a slight chance to be better in the next few years.