Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Wants To Play With Injury

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    Dez Bryant, who fractured his left index finger Sunday against against the Bengals, has decided to play Sunday against the Steelers unless he's told he can't, a source close to the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver told ESPN Tuesday morning.

    "Unless the doctors say he medically can't do it, Dez is going to play," the source said.

    There is significant swelling in Bryant's finger and he must understand that if he plays, the finger might be compromised for the remainder of his career in terms of flexibility -- a significant issue for a wide receiver, a league source told ESPN. Pain tolerance isn't the issue for Bryant.

    Earlier Tuesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that Bryant will have the "ultimate decision" about whether he will play again this season.

    "I know he wants to play," Jones said on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM. "Dez will be the ultimate decision-maker on surgery or playing with some kind of padding.

    "Make no mistake about it. Dez is champing at the bit and wants to take the route of playing."

    Source: The Redzone
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    [ame=]Dez Bryant's Status Uncertain - YouTube[/ame]

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