Cubs Trade 1B Derek Lee To The Atlanta Braves

Discussion in 'Baseball Talk' started by VikingsFan28, Aug 18, 2010.

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    The Chicago Cubs traded first baseman Derrek Lee to the Atlanta Braves for three pitching prospects, the team announced Wednesday. Lee, who is presently dealing with a bulging disk on his lower left side, received an epidural Monday to relieve the pain and will not be ready to play again until Thursday. His first game with Atlanta may be back in Wrigley Field this weekend as the Braves open a series with the Cubs on Friday.

    Source: ESPN
  2. smeags

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    so troy glaus to 3rd ?
  3. Sportsguy

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    If I was Lee I would be pretty happy. The Cubs havent had a winning season in a while. I think the Braves have a better chance then the Cubs
  4. Inclulbus

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    lol this is stating the obvious.

    Smeagle, they're sending Glaus on 15 day DL, moving him to gwinett to work at 3rd, but I read that Prado would still get the most playing time at 3rd, so idk what the hell Glaus would be doing. He started hitting the ball great awhile back, cooled off a bit, but his bat when he's on is great. idk how we could pull him off the bench.
  5. mike oxlong

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    isn't glaus batting under .200 forever. Lee isn't much better, seems like they are grasping at straws now that chipper is out.
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    yeah our whole season is done without chipper :icon_rolleyes:
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    I read an item in yesterday's local newspaper where the Braves GM, Frank Wren, said that he was going to put Glaus on the 15-day DL to give him some rest. Then, Glaus would be sent to AAA Gwinnett to get in some work at his former position, 3B. Then, Glaus would rejoin the Braves.