Curt Schilling Outs Twitter Trolls.....

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    Even in the age of social media, one thing remains the same: Don't mess with dad.

    Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has outed multiple Twitter users who directed vulgar and offensive tweets at his daughter, Gabby, after the World Series pitcher himself tweeted congrats on her decision to attend and play softball at Salve Regina University in Rhode Island.


    This is the tweet that started it all.

    In a lengthy post on his blog, Schilling names the users, some of whom were ultimately fired or suspended from their respective jobs and schools -- including a part-time worker for the Yankees. [Much more...]
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    Curt Schilling is a stick in his own right. I kinda hate that he's getting props for being the hero here when in actuality, the guy is an asshole behind closed doors.
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    karma got its hands on schilling already. props for him here.
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    Schilling may be the stick of sticks, but kudos to him. Having two daughters myself if someone started littering the internet with the crap these two clowns posted I would hope that the only thing I would do is what Schilling did. Knowing where these two asshats work would make it more tempting to visit them with a 34 oz. Louisville Slugger in hand.
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