Dallas Writer Predicts Julius Jones To Rush 1,700 Yds.

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by Sweets, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Yo, he wasnt saying wat the ruebunco said was offtopic, he was saying he was offtopic when he said he liked the guys avatar
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    NO- i said that i like his avatar thats what was off topic i said it.
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    :icon_cheesygrin: Oops....my bad! I completely misread the meaning then.
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  6. lmao
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    LOL thats very nice.
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    and he was smoking what...
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    Too many rich dealers in Seattle...:icon_rolleyes:

    The guy couldn't break a tackle for crap. In the last two seasons for us he's had a few big days, coincidentially on Holidays like Christmas, and what, a few big plays, ie draw play Vs New Orleans 06-07 season. We went onto lose that game as we all know, he was shocking besides that.

    The guy won't get 800 yards.
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    Not a chance. Alexander was a part of the problem, but the Hawks running game in general was lackadaisical last season. I would have tried to grab Mendenhall or Stewart if I were them.
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    no he didnt. He started the game, played the first series or two, and was out of the game until Marion got tired. maybe before Marion came to Dallas, but once Marion got there, julius had no chance.
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    ^^^^ agreed.

    i think jones can do it. look at the teams he'll be running against now in the nfcw compared to the teams in the east. big, BIG difference.
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    Come on, 1700 yards! The guy isn't that good if anyone thinks he is a top back. Good luck to him, hell, I'll be the first one to be proven wrong, but frankly I can't see it happening.
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    considering he averaged 4yrd per carry when dallas' o-line was questionable and the qb was bledsoe in a division stacked with very good defenses it's not crazy to think he could drastically improve his stats when he'll be going against arizona, san fran and st. louis twice a year.
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    I've always liked him and thought he was good, But as I said.. This past season, He didn't get a lot of chances to do things, our first drive was all julius, once we entered marion into the game, Julius was gone until Marion needed a breather. You can't get into rhythm like that. Sure it's just my opinion, and just like smeagle said, he aint going up against the Skins D, The Eagles D, or the Giants D. Not taken anything away from 49ers, Rams, Or Cardinals... but those 3 don't compare to the NFC East's Defenses.
  16. NFC west defense is horrible
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    I think this is a typo, I think he siad 170 yards this season
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