Dead Puerto Rico Boxer Posed Standing In Ring At Wake

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    Even in death, Christopher Rivera Amaro almost looked ready to box, leaning against the corner of a simulated ring.​

    Mourners who came to his wake in San Juan on Friday found him posed afoot, a yellow hood on his head, sunglasses glasses over his eyes and blue boxing gloves on his hands.

    The 23-year-old Rivera had a 5-15 record in the 130-pound weight class. Police said he was shot dead Sunday in the city of Santurce. No one has been arrested.​

    ScoreBored :

    this just in...he is now 5-16...the candle put him down in the 2nd round

    ScoreBored :

    would be so much better with a dead ref leaning over him counting him out

    Billb333 :

    With a 5-15 record why did they even embalm him? They could've saved money and he would've looked like he did after his fights, no sunglasses needed..........

    bottlesflying :

    With a 5-15 record, he should have been posed on his back.

    madmike68 :

    When I first seen the picture I thought this was a promo for weekend at Bernie's 3 the Puerto Rican Vacation.

    murphy'slaw :

    He is a dead ringer for a live boxer or time to put the boxer in the box or he has a stiff jab or its a standing eight count or knock'em dead or . . .

    Legalcrimes :

    @murphy'slaw Or you forgot, "He's out on his feet."

    pugilist66 :

    I don't personally care what anyone does, but this is CREEPY!!!

    Nanny Cats :

    A little out of the box, but if it's okay with the family.....

    banker1967 :

    I dunno....he looks dead on his feet.

    OCPhilly :

    With a 5 and 15 record, I bet his manager shot him.

    letherneck :

    In the boxing world, he's considered a real STIFF!

    tru2dablu :

    Sorry but a 5 and 15 record is not a legacy to extoll

    OleUncaBob :

    Weird, but not as strange as the wake for John Barrymore. Errol Flynn, W. C. Fields and some more of Barrymore's drinking buddies removed his body from the funeral home and took it with drinking and carousing one last time. They propped Barrymore up in the booth where they sat and drank toasts to the corpse.


    I don't make the news, just report it...

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    This seems kinda screwed up to me. I know I wouldn't want my body all done up like that.

    Some of those comments are a little funny though.
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    I guess God needed a tomato can.
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    This should be move to the WTF? thread. That's just freakin' sick and wierd.
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