Division Predictions For 2010

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  1. Jihad Joe

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    I think they will be decent, but I dont think 2010 will be their year

    Breaking in a new QB, weak CB set and a probable rook starting FS in a division where teams get to the QB alot on defense and have alot of weapons in the passing game is gonna hurt them in division play

    The plus side is that they get all the NY/Dallas games late (Nov 11th VS NY is the first of those four games), but still, right now those are two matchups I think they will struggle with in 2010
  2. Gehring53

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    I don't know about that, I feel like with or without Farve the Packers are still right there with them this year.
  3. mj1987us26

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    I have to know, why are people still high on the Pats?
  4. Saintsfan1972

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    lol....if that were going to happen it would have been when the saints won
  5. CStevenson13

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    Not sure whats gonna happen with the defense??? We were ranked 3rd in total defense last year and we added Kindle, Mt. Cody, Hamlin, and Walt Harris. Zbibby filled in very well and got two picks while Ed was out and i we have enough at corner to still play well while Webb is out. People keep waiting for our D to age or breakdown and we continue to play at a high level, i just dont get the statement at all.
  6. CaptainStubing

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    it's hard to predict a team doing average or worse when they have been playing at a very high level for 10 years. Obviously, there will come a day when they come back to the pack. It's just no one wants to be the first to predict their demise............ except for phins and jets fans .............. :icon_cheesygrin:
  7. mj1987us26

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    They were a very average team last season, the Ravens showed them for what they were in the playoffs.
  8. CaptainStubing

    CaptainStubing Gave her a Dirty Sanchez

    i can see the argument that some would say they were pretty average last year ............. however, is our opinion of them skewed because they simply weren't as dominant as we're used to them being ...... ?

    yes, their defense let them down a few times and their offense sputtered from time to time, but they were still pretty decent ............. they were playoff worthy for sure ....... they just weren't championship caliber and that's what we're used to seeing from them.
  9. mj1987us26

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    Both the Dolphins and, I hate saying this, the Jets are more well rounded as teams. The Dolphins have issues with the secondary but with Nolan, he masks that, just look at what he did in Denver. The Jets have a steady offense and a very solid defense with argueably the best corner in football. Both teams are ready to over take the Pats and this is the year I see the Pats falling out of the playoffs. And to answer your question, the view of the Pats was skewed a tad but they didn't look like a playoff team in quite a few occasions last season.
  10. ravenfan52

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    With the first training camp beginning in 25 days, the first preseason game in 41 days, and competitive football just 73 days away, I thought it would be nice to remind everyone of what happens on a Sunday from September to February: "Welcome to _____, It is a beautiful day for football, 55 degrees, the sun is out, and the players have taken the field for this matchup between the ______ and the _______." Nobody knows who will win and everyone's eager for the game to start. Instead of talking about who had the best offseason, power rankings and speculation about holdouts and suspensions, none of that matters anymore, as we get to see actual football being played. Games between teams who make plays. Plays. Sacks, touchdown runs, fumbles, amazing hits, field goals, interceptions, sideline catches, plays. Wins and losses. Nobody pretends to know exactly how the season will turn out and who will win each division and the playoff teams and everything, like they do in the offseason, because with 5 weeks left to play, 4, 3, 2, it could turn out any which way. Two 7-7 teams in the same division vying for a potential playoff spot with some help facing off against each other, nobody says "team x had a better draft and has a better coach so they will win" you just have to wait and see and let the players play the game out. Nobody cares about who has more Pro-Bowls or which players are over the hill and player rankings, you say "WOW WHAT A PLAY" or "DAMN YOU REF YOU BURN IN HELL!" The starting QB who tears his ACL week 4, thrusting the backup into a starting role and completely changing a division's outlook. NFC East games. A week 6 Monday night game that goes into overtime or a week 9 game decided by a 47-yard field goal as time expires, a game-breaking pick 6 that lifts one team and crushes another. The 64 yard TD run in the second quarter - THE 40, THE 30, THE 20, HE COULD - GO- ALL - THE -WAY - HE DOES! TOUCHDOWN!!! - The last remaining undefeated team at 8-0 being played evenly deep into the fourth with a 3-6 last place team. Games in December in the Foxborough snow. The week one CBS pregame show with the theme song and the game previews. the kickoff of opening night, opening day - All of this is what this disgusting offseason is building up to. The offseason is almost over. The 2010 NFL Season is almost here. I can't wait.

    The above was abysmally long and for that I apologize. But I hope it gave you predictors a glimpse into the future when we will laugh at ourselves for making these silly predictions and just get back to enjoying NFL football.
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  11. bandi

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    Except with a different outcome in the end! :icon_cool:
  12. mmehring

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    HA. No WAY would the chiefs beat the pack lol. 10 times out of 10 wed beat you..:icon_cheesygrin:
  13. CaptainStubing

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    i've been seeing way too many SB predictions for the Vikings, Ravens, Jets, and Packers so I want to change my SB prediction .................

    I'm going with the Saints vs. Colts again because no one is giving either of those teams a chance to return .................... :icon_cheesygrin:
  14. Harvs01

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    lol....oh mj....brady was hurt for a good part of the year and a very very young defense hurt the pats...however the defense will be improved this year and the pats will win the division if for no other reason there is only one QB in that division that has proven to be a consistent winner. Until a team can prove they are better the pats are still the team to beat. I like what Henne has the potential to be in this league, but he and SAnchez are so unproven that I dont see how you can pick either one of them to lead there team to greatness....thats not to say that it can't or won't happen but in my opinion if you don't have a qb that can steal wins then you're already a step behind. New Englands D is a definite question mark but they will absolutely be better than last year. In Miami Ricky is a year older and as much as I really like Ronnie Brown you don't know if he can play at a high level for a whole season. I like the Brandon Marshall pick up but you don't know if he can keep his head in check. With the Jets they let the best piece of there offens walk away in Thomas Jones. They have a very good D but you don't know what Sanchez will do in his sophmore year (Matt Ryan was great as a rookie and regressed as a sophmore). Until someone decisively knocks out the Pats in that division they are still hands down the team to beat. I don't necessarily think people are as high on them as in years past but in my opinion they're still the way sensible pick in that division.
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  17. mj1987us26

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    The pats have no pass rush, no line except for Wilfork, no RB, no Welker. I think this is the year the get unseated.
  18. ravenfan52

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    You know who's a good sleeper and who I'll be rooting for? San Francisco. Everyone has them winning the division by default, but I wonder if they can go deep into the playoffs. I also think at least one NFC South team will surprise some people (my guess: Tampa and Atlanta) and the Redskins could win the East. It'll be a real battle in some of these divisions. Also, don't count out the Bengals just because of their crappy end to last year. They're dangerous on offense AND on defense as we learned last year. I see the Steelers being the odd team out with no Holmes, no Roethlisberger for the beginning, and the Ravens' and Bengals' success. Browns will still not be close.
  19. ravenfan52

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    Can't wait for those three to battle it out. But I think while Brady will have a ridiculous statistical year as usual and throw a lot of deep balls to Moss for a lot of yards, etc., he'll also struggle and get sacked and knocked on his butt a LOT and they don't have much of a running game of which to speak and with no Welker it won't be easy. There still tough as hell to beat (especially at home) but I'm confident in the Jets' ability to stop them when NY is on Defense. Miami also is in the picture with Marshall and Henne and the ever-reliable running game along with a solid defense led by Nolan. It'll be interesting and I think NE could grab a wild card spot.
  20. CaptainStubing

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    yep, san fran is trying to do what the jets did last year (run the ball and play good defense).

    I agree ATL may be able to put together a solid year if their defense can finally show up but the Bucs are probably going to be battling for the #1 draft pick again. They are a mess and have holes everywhere.

    Redskins winning the east is an interesting thought. We'll just have to see how quickly Shanny can get them on the same page. And, I agree the Bengals have a great foundation on defense but their offense is not dangerous. They are very 1 dimensional and just want to play ball control and field position with their running game.