Does Paul Pierce Belong With The All Time Celtics?

Discussion in 'Basketball Talk' started by Mike, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Mike

    Mike Want some Cheetos?

    He was the best player on the court in a series that included Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett. He played ferocious defense. He won a championship, and when he said he was the best player in the world, nobody blinked.

  2. nastynate184

    nastynate184 Fuck Michigan

    i think so dude has been awesome for years and years all for the celts
  3. ball in the baskett

    ball in the baskett First Team All Pro

    Yea and i think hes going to win another title before hes done.
  4. Dougerrrr

    Dougerrrr Laus Deo

    So....who would he bump from the starting 5?
  5. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    Peirce is one of those guys that plays up to his competiton. He might not be one of the top 15 players in the NBA, but when you match him up with one of the top 5, he can go toe to toe. Thats not new, he's been doing this for years
  6. dolphindude13

    dolphindude13 Jack Of All Trades

    I'd say yeah, the guy does it all and as JJ said, when he's matched up with the best player from the other side he usually comes out on the better end.
  7. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    I don't care for Pierce at all. But hes put up good enough numbers to be considered one of the better Celtic players of all time. Not the type of player I would want on my team though.
  8. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    Hes the only one that does.
  9. SeanTaylor21

    SeanTaylor21 TheKingofKind

    Guy's freaking great, definitely does belong with the all time Celts.
  10. Mike

    Mike Want some Cheetos?

    he wouldnt be a starter on the all time greatest celtics team
    he might be the 6th man, maybe