Dolphins CB Vontae Davis Is No Longer In The Mix To Start

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    Those who are trying to handicap the battle for starting jobs in the secondary can forget it. Coach Tony Sparano said Thursday the hardest position to evaluate in training camp is defensive back. “It could be a run play, and you just don’t see their skills,” Sparano said. “After Monday (the exhibition opener against Jacksonville) we’ll know more. You can’t get a handle on them until you see balls thrown at them in a game.” Of course, three of the four secondary positions are all but set, with safeties Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson and left corner Will Allen getting the vast majority of first-team snaps this year. The right corner job remains wide open, with veteran Eric Green and rookie Sean Smith having the inside track.

    Source: Palm Beach Post
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    where does it no longer in the mix to start.
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    eric green and sean smith has the inside track on davis?....i find that hard to believe

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