Dolphins Coach Joe Philbin Sets Record Straight After Being Called 'Disingenuous'

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    Dolphins coach Joe Philbin apparently took enough issue with Brian Biggane's commentary on his blog to telephone the beat writer of the Palm Beach Post to discuss the matter. Briggane had used the words "disingenuous" and "a liar" in saying that receiver Brian Hartline was dealing with a "personal issue," when Hartline was in fact out because of an appendectomy. Philbin explained to Biggane that for him, a medical issue such as the one Hartline was experiencing fell under “personal issueâ€￾ because it’s not an injury. He added that if Hartline chose to tell people about it, as he did last week on WQAM, that was his prerogative. But since it was a) not an injury and b) won’t affect him come the start of camp, Philbin felt it was not something that had to be disseminated. Philbin told Biggane, “I’ll have no problem with you criticizing my coaching abilities, and I figure you’ll get the chance to do that pretty soon.â€￾

    Source: National Football Post
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    Brian Biggane sounds like a self-whoring tool.
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    Nail on the head there A,IV.

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