Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Defends WR Ted Ginn Jr.

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    Dan Henning stood up for wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. during the weekly press conference by the Dolphins offensive coordinator. “Ted Ginn made less mistakes in that game than at least nine other players on the offense,†Henning said, referring to the Dolphins’ 46-34 loss to the Saints. At least 16 players handled offensive snaps for the Dolphins, including just two by rookie QB Pat White, or one fewer play than dropped passes by Ginn. Ginn bobbled a pass that lead to a interception for a TD, dropped a first-down throw late in the game and didn’t come up with a pass in the end zone. “Ted Ginn had a game he’s not happy with and we’re not happy with,†Henning said. “But it’s just like my children. I’m not always happy with my children, but I love my children, I’m going to support my children.â€

    Source: Palm Beach Post
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    Ginn is not your child.
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    Henning you hecked up too. You can't defend 4 big dropped passes.

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