Dolphins Open To Revisiting Trade Talks For Chiefs OT Branden Albert

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by SRW, Apr 30, 2013.

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    Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said trading for Kansas City Chiefs franchised left tackle Branden Albert wasn't the right thing for his club during the draft.

    But in an interview with the Miami Herald, Ireland cautions that the deal still could happen later on.

    Asked why the deal wasn't right for the Dolphins, Ireland said, "Well, I'm not going into that because I'm not so sure it doesn't work it."

    When pressed on the subject, Ireland left the door open for the possibility of a trade still getting done. What that sounds like, reading between the lines, is the Dolphins still have interest in Albert, but not at the Chiefs current asking price.

    Source: National Football Post
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    Miami herald is REACHING for a story.
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    well, even if there was any truth to this story, miami is probably not going to like k.c.'s demands since it will be a draft pick next year. if, in fact, the chiefs were holding out for the higher dolphins 2nd rounder this season, their demands now will probably be even higher because they don't get the replacement player for a year.

    however, i don't believe there is any truth to this story. based upon what mj is hearing on the dolphins front and what i'm hearing here in kansas city, there is more and more of a belief around here that the chiefs are now content with keeping albert, playing him at LT and playing fischer at RT for at least 2013 while they figure out where to go from there.

    they could then franchise albert again and try and trade him again or just move fischer over and let albert walk.
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    They need to trade him and get something for him while they can because he walks next year.

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