Dolphins RB Kory Out For The Season With Torn Achilles'

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    Miami Dolphins running back Kory Sheets suffered a torn Achilles' tendon in Wednesday morning's practice as will be out for the season. He was returning kicks during a kickoff return drill when the injury occurred. He was at about the 40-yard-line and just beginning to slow down when the ball came flying from his grasp and he crashed to the ground holding his right leg. "I liked what he was doing with the ball under his arm during the course of practices," said head coach Tony Sparano, who said after practice that he didn't know the extent of Sheets' injury. "Pretty explosive guy." Sheets was an undrafted rookie from Purdue and was signed off of the 49ers' practice squad last October.

    Source: Brian Biggane, Palm Beach Post
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    Oh man thats too bad...he was really explosive.
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    thanks MG....i updated it

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