Dolphins RB Reggie Bush Unsure Of Future In Miami

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    Appearing on a video show on the Dolphins official team website, running back Reggie Bush recapped his 2012 by saying he's always been confident in his abilities but also isn't sure if he'll bring those abilities back to Miami. Bush is scheduled to be a free agent after totaling 1,278 yards and eight touchdowns. "For me, I know what I am capable of and self believe is always the biggest thing we have as athletes, to go out there and do something that people say you can't," Bush said, referring to the notion that he had to prove he could be an every-down back. "I definitely take a sense of pride in being able to come in here to the Miami Dolphins and to the situation I was coming into with a coach who possibly wasn't going to be here the next year and possibly a whole different team the following year. So it was good to be able to come here and show that I could be an every-down back and I've really enjoyed my time here these last two years, it's been a pleasure. So I look forward to hopefully being able to get back here and finishing up some unfinished business."

    Source: CBSSports

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