Dolphins TE Ernest Wilford Starting To Impress Coaches

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    Two days ago, coverted TE Ernest Wilford looked like the odd man out in the race for a spot on the 53-man roster but the past two mornings, Wilford is showing he’s ready to fight for one. Wilford is catching everything coming his way and making more big plays than he did in 2008 during a miserable camp that set the tone for a three-catch season. Head coach Tony Sparano says that Wilford simply is making the most of more opportunities in the passing game, while taking advantages of match-ups he wasn’t getting lined up as a wide receiver. “Today he was able to get involved in some of the things that we were doing…. It’s good to see him get some kind of payback for what he’s being asked to do down there in the trenches,†Sparano said. “To see those matchups in the secondary, from a safety’s standpoint or linebacker’s standpoint with him on them, is a good evaluator.â€

    Source: Palm Beach Post

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