Dolphins Unlikely To Re-Sign RB Reggie Bush

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    Ian Rapoport of NFL Network and reported Saturday on "NFL Total Access" that running back Reggie Bush is unlikely to be re-signed by the Dolphins, who view him more as a luxury than an essential building block.

    Bush's representatives met with Dolphins brass earlier this week to get a feel of the situation. Bush wants to remain in Miami, but he also wants a competitive multiyear deal. The two sides aren't matched up.

    The Palm Beach Post reported that Bush's tendency to dance in the backfield "frustrated" the Dolphins last season, that said, Bush remains a dangerous player when healthy, and he'll land on his feet somewhere, it just won't be in South Beach.

    Source: The Redzone
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    [ame=]Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush's unlikely return - NFL Videos[/ame]

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    Detroit would probably pay him
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    Still saying he would kill in Green Bay...
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    Maybe back home to san Diego????? We all know Matthews will be hurt by week 3 anyway
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    That would be nasty.
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    So, its Lamar Miller then?
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