Dolphins WR Armon Binns Could Push Brandon Gibson For Slot Receiver

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    The Miami Dolphins made some major upgrades at the wide receiver position by signing Mike Wallace and Brandon Gibson but waiver wire pickup Armon Binns has been turning heads at Dolphins practices ever since he arrived.

    Brian Hartline described Binns as the best waiver-wire find the Dolphins had made in his four seasons.

    According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Binns was so dominant in practice during his three weeks with the team, coaches made him the slot receiver for the final three games and began calling plays for him. Fast forward six months and, fortunately for Miami, this waiver-wire find continues to deliver.

    Throughout the offseason practices the media has attended, Binns was consistently one of the team's top playmakers and served as the Dolphins' biggest red-zone threat for whichever quarterback he was paired with. Coach Joe Philbin said the biggest difference between Binns and the rest of Miami's offensive weapons has been his "play speed."

    "I think that's the one thing we've noticed as a staff," Philbin said. "I'm usually the kiss of death, but he is playing faster. He is playing fast, and he is catching it when he gets an opportunity."

    Source: The Redzone

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