DT Tommie Harris Overwhelmed By Bears Teammates, Organization And City

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    Ahley Harris, the wife of Tommie Harris died Sunday and her funeral service will be held in New Orleans on Friday. The Chicago Bears have been supportive of Harris during this difficult time. “Tommie has been overwhelmed by the support of his former teammates, the Bears organization and the city of Chicago,â€￾ family friend Bill Horn told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Please continue to pray for him as he and his children grieve the loss of his wife.â€￾ Johnny Knox, Anthony Adams and Israel Idonije flew to Norman to offer their support, and Bears coach Lovie Smith has reached out to Harris, as well. “Our hearts go out to Tommie and his family,â€￾ Smith told the team’s website. “When I first heard [Ashley was in the hospital], we all started praying and hoped there would be a different outcome. At times like this, what can you say except to try to be there for him in any way you possibly can.â€￾

    Source: The Redzone
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    Good stuff. Glad to see he's getting support from all angles. Gotta be one of the hardest things in the world to deal with...
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    Great to hear, everyone is pulling for you man.

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