Eagles Defensive Coach Jim Washburn Says Free Agent DT Albert Haynesworth Is Finished

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Sweets, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. Sweets

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    For those wondering if Mike Patterson's absence -- or any injury on the Eagles' defensive line -- results in Albert Haynesworth reuniting with defensive line coach Jim Washburn on the Eagles, it didn't sound like it when Washburn spoke to reporters on Tuesday. "He calls me every night and says, 'Hey, Wash, it's your big black son'," Washburn said. "I think he's finished. His back's degenerative." Haynesworth's two Pro Bowl seasons in Tennessee came with Washburn as the defensive line coach, Haynesworth's career since then has been marked by disappointment after he signed a $100 million contract with the Redskins and failed to live up to expectations. He last played with the Patriots. Despite Haynesworth's reputation, Washburn defends his former pupil. "Everybody hated him, but I liked him," Washburn said. "He's one of my favorite guys." Washburn joked that Haynesworth helped him pave his driveway not literally, though, Haynesworth's performance earned Washburn a raise. "We could pave the driveway," Washburn said. "We took a clothes line down, didn't have no dryer."

    Source: Philly.com
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  2. K Train

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    shame, dude could have been a hall of famer if he wanted to be
  3. Sweets

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    too fregging lazy after that huge payday...
  4. K Train

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    he was one of the most dominant DTs ive ever seen when he was with tennessee. Wish i could step my crap up for a year and get a huge pay day and do nothing afterwards
  5. TheDuke

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    I'd sign him for 100 bucks a week.
  6. SRW

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    An absolute monster with the Titans the last couple of years there. Too bad the start and end of his career was a wash. He had all the talent in the world to be an all-timer and squandered it.

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