Eagles Interested In Free Agent FS Dashon Goldson

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by Sweets, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Dashon Goldson could the first piece used to help rebuild the Philadelphia Eagles defense, in particular a defensive backfield in need of a total overhaul, Jordan Raanan of NJ.com, the Eagles are expected to have interest in the free-agent safety, according to multiple league sources.

    The addition of new vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble from the 49ers this offseason has only increased the belief around the league that Goldson could land in Philadelphi,. Gamble spent the last eight seasons with San Francisco, and is now general manager Howie Roseman's right-hand man in the personnel department.

    Goldson, 28, is expected to have plenty of suitors, his services won't come cheap and he reportedly turned down a five-year, $25 million deal from the 49ers in 2011. He received the franchise tag in San Francisco last year and wasn't interested in the one-year, $7.45 million pay check that would have come with being tagged for a second straight season.

    "I'm not for that," Goldson explained at the time.

    The hard-hitting safety is looking to cash in on the free-agent market, he's reportedly looking for around $8 million annually.

    Source: The Redzone
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    He certainly would fit the bill for a huge position of need. So...it won't happen.
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    Cant believe the disrespect kurt coleman keeps getting.
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    He just wanted too much. While I'd love to keep him I know where the 49ers are coming from. I just dont think they value the position that highly. He is a great safety but is susceptible to getting beat deep.

    Edit: Just saw there was a source reporting he is looking for 8 mil per year. Sorry but way too much for a safety. Niners could get a good safety for 3 mil and use the 5 mil on a wr or dl.
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    With almost 30 million under the cap and possibly more if Nnamdi is released, the Eagles are going to be players in A LOT of people this year. I can see Winston and Goldson ending up in Philly.
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    Dream Team II

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    You know it.

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