Eagles OG Evan Mathis Sidelined With Vertigo In Training Camp

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    Eagles coach Andy Reid said Friday that an inner ear infection sidelined guard Evan Mathis for Thursday’s practice and will keep the left guard off the field this afternoon, Geoff Mosher of the News Journal reports, but the infection is also causing Mathis to suffer from vertigo. Mathis is experiencing dizziness and balance issues, a team source said. Both are symptoms of vertigo, a condition that makes people feel as if things are moving when they’re standing still and things around them are also still. It’s unknown when Mathis will be able to return, although the source said he’s “on the tail end of it†and that he feels “great†when he’s not experiencing side effects. The source said Mathis first started feeling the side effects Wednesday but that his condition worsened Thursday and still bothered him today, basically, the viral ear infection must run its course for the symptoms to subside, and then Mathis can return to practice.

    Source: The Redzone
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    you should definitly not be in that training camp heat if you have that it is ridiculously hot at 245 there stupid to make practice 245 and not 8am

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