Eagles RB LeSean McCoy Says Andy Reid Taking The Fall For All Of Us

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    The Eagles can't avoid the inevitable issue of Andy Reid's presumed last home game Sunday after 14 years of coaching the team, The Philadelphia Daily News reports. They'd like to avoid it -- Reid said Wednesday he hasn't "gone there," and running back LeSean McCoy, when asked Thursday, first declared that he wasn't "thinking like that."

    But it bothers Reid's players that he is taking the fall for all of the disappointments of the past few seasons. McCoy said he feels that blame is miscast.

    "If you sat here and tried to name 5 to 8 coaches that's better than coach Reid, I would like to hear it," McCoy said. "Coach Reid's a good coach. He gets blamed for everything. Sometimes you break down the film, break down the plays and the mistakes, how do you fault the coach for that?"

    The answer there, obviously, is entailed in the response Reid always gives at his day-after news conferences: it's the coach's job to put players in the right positions to do their jobs, in Reid's case, to hire the right players, and then to have them prepared well enough that they don't screw up egregiously.

    "I guess people have their own opinions, their minds are made up. The thing about the team is, we know how good a coach he really is," McCoy said. "Whatever happens happens, but I'm behind coach Reid 110 percent. It's the players he's brought here together to play, they weren't a good enough group ... I don't think he should get blamed for the turnovers they caused or the blown (coverages)."

    Source: The Redzone
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    I agree with lesean the turnover not his fault the offensive line not his fault. We dident lose games this year because of coaching it was mostly bad play. I really wouldent be surprised either way if andy leaves or stays.

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