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    Taping Date: 11/17/08 - Air Date: 11/18/08 - Phillips Arena - Atlanta, Georgia

    The Miz & John Morrison are out to talk about their match at Survivor Series. They are part of Team JBL (JBL, The Miz, John Morrison, MVP, Kane) that will take on Team Michaels (HBK, Cryme Tyme, Rey Mysterio, The Great Khali)

    DJ Gabriel w/Alicia Fox b. Unknown Jobber - DJ Gabriel gets the win via pinfall after a shoulder take down off the middle rope

    Jack Swagger b. Tommy Dreamer in an All American Challenge match - Jack got the win via disqualification. After the match he goes backstage and demands a rematch. Teddy Long announced Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match for next week

    Matt Hardy, Finlay & Kofi Kingston vs. Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes & William Regal in a six man tag match is announced for later

    Matt Striker is out to talk about the Team Batista (Batista, R-Truth, ECW Champion Matt Hardy and World Tag Team Champions CM Punk & Kofi Kingston) vs. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Intercontinental Champion William Regal, United States Champion Shelton Benjamin and Mark Henry) match at Survivor Series

    Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes & William Regal b. Matt Hardy, Finlay & Kofi Kingston vs. in a six man tag match - Mark Henry comes out first with Tony Atlas. The rest follow. Mark Henry gets the win following the world's strongest slam
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    Taping Date: 11/24/08 - Air Date: 11/25/08 - Providence, Rhode Island

    Jack Swagger b Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme rules bout. Tons of weapons used ending when Swagger puts Dreamer through a table and pins him

    Miz & Morrison are doing a backstage promo when Boogeyman makes his return and chases them away.

    Matt Hardy did a promo talking about Jeff resting up and coming after the title

    D.J. Gabriel b ? - The dancing man and his dancing machine manager return

    Mark Henry NC Fit Finlay when Tony Atlas and Hornswoggle interfered
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    Taping Date: 12/1/08 - Air Date: 12/2/08 - Verizon Center - Washington DC

    After the opening pyro hits, Jack Swagger comes to ringside and cuts a promo on how he's never been pinned and how he beat Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match. He asks Teddy Long to come out and name him the number one contender. Teddy comes to ringside but doesn't make him the number one contender. Tiffany suggests Ricky Ortiz. Ricky comes out and cuts a promo talking about his record and making run of Swagger's lisp. Teddy decides to put them both in a match tonight

    Jack Swagger b. Ricky Ortiz - Boring chants start early on. Swagger quickly gains control over the match and continues an assault on Ortiz. Ortiz comes to life briefly but ends up getting powerbombed and pinned for the three-count by Swagger

    MVP meets Teddy Long in his office to talk about his contract. He demands a match against Matt Hardy tonight. Teddy agrees to it and tells Tiffany he is looking forward to it

    Finlay & Hornswoggle come out to the ring. Finlay cuts a promo talking about wrestling his whole life and about his match last week against Mark Henry. He then challenges Henry to come out. Henry comes to the top of the entrance ramp with Tony Atlas. Henry purposes a tag team match with him and Atlas vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle. Finlay says no but Henry continues to push. Finlay finally says lets go and Henry leaves with a big grin on his face

    DJ Gabriel b. An Unknown Jobber - Gabriel dances around the ring like an idiot with Alicia Fox. Boring chants begin as the match starts. Gabriel gets the easy win after hitting an elbow off the top rope followed by a pinfall. Little reaction from the crowd

    Matt Hardy b. MVP - MVP comes out to a lot of heat. Huge pop for the ECW Champ Matt Hardy. The match starts with an exchange of headlocks and armbars. Hardy hits a side slam and goes for a quick pin only for a one-count. Hardy follows up with a double fist off the top rope and connects. MVP rolls out of the ring in disgust. MVP makes his way back into the ring and thows Hardy into the corner. He then sends him to the outside with a kick to the head. MVP goes for the cover but only gets a two-count. He hits a knee drop on Hardy and gets another two-count. Hardy battles back to the sound of "Let's Go Hardy" chants. Hardy hits the leg drop off the top rope. MVP goes for the superkick but misses. Hardy counters with twist of fate and gets the win
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    Air Date: 12/8/08 - Bridgeport Arena At Harbor Yard in Bridgeport, Connecticut

    ECW opens with Tommy Dreamer in the ring. He talks about how ECW has been his life. Vladimir Kozlov comes out and gives Dreamer a spinebuster. Kozlov then challenges Matt Hardy to a match for the ECW Championship. Jack Swagger then comes out and takes out Dreamer.

    The Miz & Morrison b. Jimmy Wang Yang & Kung Fu Naki - Solid match with lots of back and forth action. John Morrison gets the win with the pinfall on Jimmy Wang Yang

    Mark Henry cuts a promo backstage with Tony Atlas

    Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship is announced for Armageddon.

    Boogeyman b. Scott Reid in a quick squash match.

    Mark Henry & Tony Atlas b. Finlay & Hornswoggle - Finlay wrestles most of the match. Mark Henry attempts to pull Hornswoggle in and powerslam him but Finlay interferes. Henry powerslams Finlay for the pinfall
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    Air Date: 12/16/08 - 1st Mariner Arena - Baltimore, Maryland

    The show opens with ECW Champion Matt Hardy out saying how proud he is of Jeff for his title win at Armageddon. Chavo Guerrero comes out and says Jeff stole the title from Edge. He then challenges Matt to a title match. Teddy Long comes out and says the match starts now.

    ECW Champion Matt Hardy b. Chavo Guerrero to retain the title - Hardy get the win via pinfall after hitting twist of fate

    Finlay b. Gavin Spears - Spears comes to the ring with no reaction while Finlay and Hornswoggle come out to a nice pop. Finlay gets the win with a Celtic cross. Before the match began Hornswoggle stole Matt Striker and Todd Grisham's Slammy

    Alicia Fox is shown on the screen dancing. Mark Henry comes on dressed as Santa and says a poem about Hornswoggle. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston and then shown with Ricky Ortiz.

    Jack Swagger, The Miz & John Morrison b. Ricky Ortiz, CM Punk, & Kofi Kingston - Swagger pins Ortiz for the win
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    Just a reminder, tonight's ECW on Sci-Fi will be the Best of 2008 show
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    Taping Date: 12/29/08 - Air Date: 12/30/08 - Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire

    The Miz & John Morrison open ECW with The Dirt Sheet. Finlay and Hornswoggle come out. Finlay gets laid out and Hornswoggle goes underneath the ring to hide. Morrison goes after him but the Boogeyman comes out and scares them off.

    Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry is announced for later.

    A Tribute to the Troops video package is shown.

    ECW Champion Matt Hardy b. Mark Henry - Mark Henry was disqualified after Jack Swagger came out and interfered.

    DJ Gabriel b. Paul Burchill - Gabriel gets the win with a rollup.

    The Miz & John Morrison b. Finlay & Boogeyman in a no DQ match when Morrison pins Finlay. After the match, Finlay hits the Celtic Cross on Morrison, then Boogeyman chases The Miz away. Hornswoggle and Finlay let some kids run around the ring.
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    Taping Date: 1/5/09 - Air Date: 1/6/09 - New Orleans Arena - New Orleans, Louisiana

    Jack Swagger b. Finlay - Swagger got the clean finish with a body slam

    Katie Lea Burchill b. Alicia Fox

    Boogeyman b. Unknown Jobber - Boogeyman gave the unknown jobber a mouth full of worms

    ECW Champion Matt Hardy b. Mark Henry - Hardy gets the clean win via pinfall after hitting Twist of Fate. Good match
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    Air Date: 4/7/09 - Frank C. Erwin Jr. Center in Austin, Texas

    Theodore Long announced that he's the new General Manager of SmackDown and Tiffany will be replacing him on ECW

    Mark Henry, Finlay, Christian, & Tommy Dreamer are all trying to get the number one contender slot for Backlash. They will fight in a Fatal Four Way Match tonight.

    Carlito, Primo, & Evan Bourne b. Tyson Kidd, The Miz, & John Morrison w/Natalya Neidhart - Overall good match. Primo hits the Backstabber on Tyson Kidd and tags Evan Bourne who hits the Shooting Star Press for the win.

    Finlay b. Mark Henry, Christian, & Tommy Dreamer in a Fatal Four Way Match - Mark Henry is eliminated with a shillelagh to the the head
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    Air Date: 5/5/09 - Mellon Arena - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd is up first - Tyson gains control early on. Good mat work throughout. Evan hits a drop kick and adds a Hurricanrana on Kidd. Kidd goes outside to recoup. The match goes back and forth until Finlay comes out and hits Kidd in the leg with the Sheileigh. Bourne hits a perfect Shooting Star Press off the top rope for the win via pinfall

    A video package is shown of Jack Swagger interfering in last week's number one contender match

    Josh Matthews interviews Jack Swagger in the ring. Swagger enters to a loud mix of boos. He is asked why he ruined the match last week. He calls it justice. Swagger goes on to talk about adding prestige to the ECW Championship for three months. He complains about Christian cheating and says it's not fair. He then says Tommy Dreamer is washed up. Swagger insults Dreamer further by saying that he's the fat cholesterol of ECW. Dreamer comes out to the ring and attacks him. Swagger escapes and Dreamer stands in the ring demanding him to come back and fight him

    Tiffany is backstage with Zach Ryder. He says he wants to make an impact. Tiffany announces that Zach will face Finlay on this week's edition of WWE Superstars

    Vladimir Kozlov b. Jesse Gilmore (A Local Pittsburgh Jobber) in a squash match

    Raw rebound with Randy Orton, Legacy, and Shane from last night

    Gregory Helms interviews Mark Henry. Henry talks about his dominance and he will take what he wants tonight. He refers to Christian as his "victim"

    ECW Champion Christian & Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger & Mark Henry - Christian is beaten up by Henry but Swagger and Dreamer run out to interfere. Tiffany makes it a tag team match. Tommy Dreamer gets beaten up by Henry and Swagger. Christian gets the hot tag and starts working on Swagger. He begins to beat down Christian with kicks to the chest. Henry gets the tag and puts a head clamp on Christian. Swagger gets the tag but Christian counters with a suplex. Christian & Swagger go back and forth. Christian tags in Dreamer who punches Swagger and follows with a neck breaker. Henry misses the body splash on Dreamer and hits Swagger. Christian hits a flying drop kick on Henry. Swagger with the Gut Wrench Power Bomb for the three count.
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    Air Date: 5/12/09 - Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio

    Jack Swagger and Christian were in Tiffany’s office. The GM mentioned that both men were going to be on the Peep Show tonight. She said that they can discuss anything they want tonight, but that they cannot touch one another or else there would be consequences.

    Mark Henry d. Dreamer

    Backstage, Kidd and Natalya cut a weak promo about their match with Finlay where Natalya is barred from ringside.

    Finlay d. Tyson Kidd by DQ when David Hart Smith came in and attacked Finlay

    Backstage, Zach Ryder was asking Tiffany permission to leave early and go to the gym. The Burchills walked in and asked why they weren’t on the show. Tiffany said that everybody cannot be on the show every week. Katie Lea warned Tiffany that Paul gets himself into trouble when he has too much time on his hands.

    Vladimir Kozlov d. Chad Collyer

    The show concluded with the first Peep Show in over four years with Christian and Jack Swagger. Swagger introduced a clip from Backlash where Christian rammed him into the uncovered turnbuckle leading to the title change. Christian said the clips were pretty awesome and mentioned that Swagger also uncovered a turnbuckle. Christian introduced a video package with cartoonish music highlighting Swagger’s lisp. The thing with these jokes is that Swagger’s lisp isn’t all that noticeable. Swagger said he would win the title on Sunday. In six months, he said that Christian would be out of WWE and have no peeps and no championship. Swagger reminded him that Tiffany said there would be no physicality on the show. Christian then ended the show and hit Swagger with the microphone to conclude the broadcast. This segment was pretty good.
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    Air Date: 5/19/09 - U.S. Bank Arena - Cincinnati, Ohio

    Jack Swagger opens ECW in the ring with a chair and a microphone. He says he's not leaving until Tiffany comes out and gives him his title back. He says she's only temporary and he'll be around a lot longer than she will be. Tiffany tells him to get out of the ring and meet her in her office. She apologizes and introduces Christian for the first match. Swagger pushes him off the ramp on his way to the ring

    Christian b. Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea - Burchill starts the match working on Christian's leg. Christian kicks him off the top rope and throws him into the stairs. Single leg Boston Crab. The crowd is behind Christian. Christian gets the win via pinfall after connecting with the Unprettier. After the match Josh Mathews interviews Christian who challenges Tommy Dreamer to a title match at Extreme Rules

    Tiffany & Jack Swagger are shown backstage. Tiffany tells Swagger he can have the night off.

    Zack Ryder b. Adam Green in a squash match

    A video from last week is shown where DH Smith, Tyson Kidd, & Natalya attack Finlay. After the video they cut a promo, Smith says he's better than Bulldog ever was

    Vladimir Kozlov cuts his normal promo at the top of the ramp following a video clip of last week's squash in WWE rewind

    Gregory Helms announces that Christian will take on Tommy Dreamer on this week's WWE Superstars

    DH Smith w/Tyson Kidd, & Natalya b. Finlay - DH Smith comes out to the ring first with a new version of the old Hart Foundation music. Finlay comes out next. The match starts off slow. Lots of submission holds. Smith hits Finlay with Natalya's shoe and follows with a back drop while Kidd distracts the referee. He gets the win via pinfall
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    Air Date: 5/26/09 - Staples Center - Los Angeles, California

    Vladimir Kozlov d. Joey Munos & Russ Taylor

    Evan Bourne d. Mark Henry by countout

    Jack Swagger, Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith d. Christian & Tommy Dreamer

    For detailed results, go here
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    Air Date: 6/2/09 - FedEx Forum - Memphis, Tennessee

    Evan Bourne b. Mark Henry via disqualification - Bourne is thrown out of the ring with a fall away slam. Tony Atlas interferes to earn Bourne the DQ win

    Zack Ryder b. a local jobber

    Tommy Dreamer B. Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea with a DDT - After the match Dreamer cuts a promo. He tells the fans that may have been his last match ever. Jack Swagger comes out and he & Dreamer exchange words

    Christian b. Tyson Kidd w/Natalya - Christian gets the win after connecting the Killswitch
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    Air Date: 6/9/09 - Mississippi Coast Coliseum - Biloxi, Mississippi

    Evan Bourne d. Tony Atlas

    Vladimir Kozlov d. Luke Hawx & Chris Lewie

    Hart Dynasty d. Christian & Jack Swagger

    For detailed results, go here
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    I heard hurricane is making a comeback.
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    Air Date: 6/16/09 - Roanoke Civic Center - Roanoke, Virginia

    Christian b. Davey Hart Smith via disqualification

    Mark Henry b. Evan Bourne

    Jack Swagger b. Tommy Dreamer

    For detailed results, go here
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    Air Date: 6/23/09 - Bradley Center - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Evan Bourne b. Tyson Kidd

    Finlay b. Zack Ryder - Finlay hits a low blow and gets the win via pinfall

    Jack Swagger & Mark Henry b. Christian & Tommy Dreamer - Swagger & Henry get the win via pinfall. After the match Henry turns on Swagger and slams him into the mat
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    Air Date: 6/30/09 - Save Mart Center - Fresno, California

    Yoshi Tatsu d. Shelton Benjamin

    Sheamus d. Oliver John

    Vladimir Kozlov & William Regal d. Christian & Tommy Dreamer

    Next week, ECW airs at 7/6 central on Sci-Fi in the United States on 7/9

    For detailed results, go here
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    Taping Date: 7/1/09 - Air Date: 7/9/09 - Rabobank Arena - Bakersfield, California

    Nikki Bella b Katie Lea Burchill. Brie came from under the ring to win the match for Nikki in a switch

    Shelton Benjamin b Yoshi Tatsu. The crowd cheered both men

    Ezekiel Jackson is back, beating a local guy

    Abraham Washington show with Tommy Dreamer as guest. They each were doing comedy. Dreamer mentioned Eddie Guerrero's name to get a pop. Vladimir Kozlov came out and they did a staredown.

    A match to determine who faces Dreamer for the title at Night of Champions saw Christian pin Kozlov

    Next week, ECW returns to their regular day and time, Tuesdays at 10pm et on Sci Fi