Emmitt Smith = Mumbling, Bumbling Buffoon

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by SRW, Sep 23, 2007.

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    More Emmitt Smith Hilarity!

    Emmitt Should Never Use Any Tense Of The Word Blow

    :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh: :pointlaugh:
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    Perhaps he should become a Humble Pie Salesman? :icon_rolleyes:
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    More Emmitt goodness from today, enjoy! :icon_cheesygrin:

    Emmittisms of the day and other quotes:

    "9 straight road wins make them the best road team since Hannibal."- Chris Berman

    "If the Giants win today they possibly go onto the SuperBowl."- Emmitt Smith

    Man I was with you Emmitt. You were actually making a great point there for a second....

  4. 49erGenius

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    I haven't watched ESPN in years. Jaworski, Collinsworth, they're such buffoons! I don't even like MNF on ESPN.

    Hey Steve, got any Bryant Stumble GUmbel highlights? I dont' get NFL Network in my area unless I pay the ransom. Did Bryant Gumble mumble?
  5. DallasArmor09

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    Yeah i don't put too much stock in anaylist. Or so they call themselves
  6. Ablaze

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    lmao! i wonder when he'll be kicked off the show, if he ever will
  7. 49erGenius

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    Holy crap, he really said that? Maybe I better start watching the pre games next year.:icon_eek: So the Giants win today, they POSSIBLY go to the Superbowl? Sounds like too much drinking or Madden, take your pick.

    I had to rep you, Steve, that was a good one!
  8. SRW

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    Emmitt Smith On ESPN's Highlights (Or..Lowlights)


  9. smeags

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    man, if not for aikman the triplets would a "complete" disaster in their broadcast careers.

    anyone think the college's of choice for michael and emmitt may have something to do with their inability to speak as if they are at least on a 3rd grade level ?
  10. Ablaze

    Ablaze wtf?


    Jimmy Kimmel Live came up with a compilation video of Emmitt Smith, it's classic.