Ex-49ers number 1 Pick making a comeback in NFL Europa?

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by SRW, Mar 18, 2007.

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  2. Fez

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    As far as I'm concerned, Rashaun Woods was never born.
  3. DoubleC

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    Rashaun who?
  4. ollysj

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    k, first thing need to be said: FREAK FIRE

    now back to topic

    wtf, a guy that didn't pass the physical? Freaking moron, to dumb to stay in sharpe [smilie=LAUGHY32.gif]

    We had other former 1st round picks here like Skip Hicks (Redskins) or Akili Smith (Don't know who draft him, but he was an arrogant butthole). For those players it's the last chance to make their way on a NFL roster. Some of them see it like a punishment other try to give their best. I dunno what to expect from Woods, but time will tell us. Season starts on 14. April
  5. SRW

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    What the hell happened to Woods? It's like he never even tried....
  6. nixaler

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    yeah another 49er bust
  7. ollysj

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    this snitch left the league after he was moved to Frankfurt. He sure had enough money left, from his deal with the 9ers
  8. BarlOwens

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    If im not mistaken the league was closed, so who cares..
  9. steadypimpin

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    I heard Woods signed with a canadien football teams practice squad.
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    Hopefully on RampageX's favorite team...
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    Talk about thread ressurection... :icon_lol:
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    from the depths of hell....woods keeps coming back to haunt us...
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    If you leave a team w/o permission, you didn't show good work ethic. The NFLE was a part of the NFL and NFL coaches notice such a behaviour too
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    Why was this thread brought back to life? Pointless.
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    NFL Europa???

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the NFL disbanded their operation in Europe?:bad:
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    Yes sivan, that's why everyone is saying why did someone bring this old thread up again.