Falcons Claim Ndamukong Suh, Cliff Avril Taunted An Injured Matt Ryan

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by SRW, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Falcons quarterbak Matt Ryan tripped over tackle Will Svitek in the third quarter of the team's win over the Lions today. Ryan fell awkwardly and immediately grabbed his left knee. Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports when Ryan was down in pain, Lions defensive linemen Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril taunted him, according to the Falcons. “I had respect for Suh before the game,†McClure said. “But when Matt was on the ground, the things he was saying and the trash he was talking was definitely uncalled for. There are certain things you don’t do. [He said], ‘Get the cart’ and several other things that I can’t repeat.†Roddy White said, “I lost a whole lot of respect for 90 [Suh] today, and also 92 [Cliff Avril], the [bleep] they were doing when Matt got hurt. That was unacceptable. … Like 92 was kicking [Ryan’s] feet, saying, ‘Get him off the field.’ We don’t do stuff like that. We don’t rally over guys when they get hurt. It was just inappropriate behavior. I mean, ‘Get the cart’? Are you serious? Come on. When you compete, you never want to see a guy get hurt.â€

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    It's getting ugly!
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    suh does seem like a real butthole but i wouldent heck with him lol
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    I am pretty sure this happens all the time get over it...it shoulkdn't happen but it does no use crying over spilt milk


    Before the game both teams were looking to go at it, I don't know why anyone is surprised crap like this was said.
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    The Lions are being the pr**ks of the NFL the last couple weeks
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    How in the hell is "get the cart" taunting? Maybe the mofos were legitimately concerned lol. Furthermore he clearly didn't have that much respect for the players since he addressed them by their numbers and not their names.
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    that is hecked up. There is a difference between playing hard nose and and this. I like the way he plays but this is uncalled for. Karma may come back to bite his extremely large self.


    Well they lost, so Karma did get the last laugh.
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    Screw that...A. It's Football. Get over it. B. I'd PAY BIG money to have Suh, that pr**k, on my team...

    Sticks and stones snitches...lol.
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    I mean injury wise. I love the way he plays. would want him on the Saints that is for sure. But taunting is classless. But he doesn't get paid to have clbutt. Besides Crushed Ice wasn't hurt that bad.
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    well, Suh has always been a douchebag. He's a major butthole, plain and simple.

    However, that is a completely separate issue from what he does on the field. He is an absolute beast and although he does go overboard at times playing after the whistle and making illegal hits, he feels those things help make him a more effective ball player.

    With the way I decide which teams/players I'm going to support, he is probably not the type of player I personally support, but there is no arguing how good he is.
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    I watched the game, watched the highlights over and over and I didn't see Suh anywhere near Ryan...imma ginna call bullcrap until I see what they are talking about on video.
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    I don't know if it happened or not, but get over it.
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    This crap talking and taunting goes on in the sport from high school to pros...stop being snitches...bottom line.
  16. Buck Fenson

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    easy way to find out. what about the microphones the offensive lineman is supposed to wear? check out the sound on that feed and the answer will be there