Falcons intersted in Schaub

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    Falcons To Look Into Availability Of Houstons Matt Schaub

    ATLANTA--With their starting quarterback, Michael Vick, facing a possible six-game suspension for his alleged involvement in a dog fighting ring, the Atlanta Falcons are looking to shore up their depth at the quarterback position. Tops on their wish list? Houston signal caller Matt Schaub, who would be a perfect fit for the Falcons offense. Matt is an accurate quarterback who has knowledge of the style of offense we play, said GM Rich McKay. Ive always been an admirer of his and would love it if he came to play for us. Now its just a matter of talking to the Texans to see if we cant work out a deal. In a perfect world, wed be able to get him for a couple of second round picks in next years draft, but nobody would be that stupid. In fact, it would probably insult their intelligence if I even made that offer.

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    this was supposed to be in Smack Central, woops. Can a mod move it, please?
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    I was gonna say. I was like this cant be serious. :lol:
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    [smilie=LAUGHY18.gi: [smilie=LAUGHY18.gi:
  5. The Brushback is a mere poser. Onion News is ions better than Brushback. No originality to that story whatsoever.
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    I disagree, the Onion as a whole is superior, but their sports section is not any better than a number of other sports satire sites...IMO of course. You are entitled to your opinion.:cool:
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    And moved.
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    Wouldn't it be great to see Joey Harrington lead the Falcons to where Vick never could.