Falcons Not Game Planning For Eagles QB Michael Vick

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by Sweets, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Sweets

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    The Falcons are not spending any extra time preparing for Philadelphia's third-string quarterback, Michael Vick. "I really haven't seen a whole lot snaps," Falcons coach Mike Smith said Wednesday. "He's getting a few snaps each game." The Falcons did spend time in the summer getting ready for Miami's "wildcat" attack, and they've seen it from Carolina this season, too. The Falcons prepare for the scheme each week because so many teams are using the formation but perhaps because Vick plays so little, the Falcons are not riled up about facing him.

    Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  2. SweetShot03

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    why plan for Vick when he isnt goign to play or he is going to get 1 or 2 snaps which will be a hand off or it will be him running it.....
  3. falcon_91

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    Im not sure if i want to see him get blown up or to have a Vikings esc run..maybe one of each(with the run coming when down 28 in the 4th)
  4. ball in the baskett

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    game planning for vick is retarted because he never even passes you know hes either gonna try to run or hand it off. I think he passed one time this season and it was dropped.
  5. phiglesphan

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    Actually he's 3 for 9

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    for 6 yrds : (
  6. smeags

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    GBQBYD or whatever his name is will have plenty to say about this. how dare the falcons not gameplan for the greatest football player ever.
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    In a only slightly peripherally related matter....did you guys see the PE.com splash page cartoon today? Freaking hilarious!
  8. DontKnowMe

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    They aren't going to debut the wild dog defense? DAMN :icon_sad:

    GJDMQYB Guest

    The Falcons have a good point for not planing for Mike Vick due to his playing time being very limited.
    I would like to see Vick get more playing time and get alot of reps versus the Falcons, but again this year is not about Vick shinning its all about repairing his image and working on his skills "Under Mcnabb" preparing Vick for his futire with the Eagles.
  10. cris80

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    The game plan for Vick is to put 11 guys in the box. There you go Falcons. Game plan is done.