Falcons QB Matt Ryan Aiming For A Division Title

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by SRW, May 12, 2009.

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    A year ago minicamp for Matt Ryan was about Matt Ryan, who was just trying to show he belonged in the NFL. This one was different. The world now knows Matty Ice belongs, and the Iceman himself is focused on his team. "Last year you were just trying to keep your head above water," Ryan said Sunday. "I certainly don't want to sound like I have it all figured out -- because I don't -- but this year it's more about fine-tuning. It's the same as last year: We're not worried about outside expectations. But we want to win our division and give ourselves a chance. That's it. There are no personal goals."

    Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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    I'm very interested to see how the falcons do this year.

    they have added some pieces but i'm not entirely sold that they've fixed the middle of their defense to be able to stop the run.

    and sometimes these teams that 'surprise' everyone one year end up taking a step backwards the next year. They're in a similar situation as the Dolphins but I like the youth foundation on the Falcons a little better.
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    Our schedule appears to be brutal...back to back winning seasons would be at the high end of my expectations (9-7)
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    This, we get that 9th win, and I'm cryin like a baby.
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    You guys actually seem to have a pretty good setup for Matt to excel.

    Chill out and enjoy the 9 wins.
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    The problem was never really the offense, especially after getting Tony G. The problem is still the defense, mainly on the line. Can they stop the run long enough to let that incredibly talented offense on the field?

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