Falcons QB Matt Ryan Injures His Toe Vs Buccaneers

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by SRW, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan exited the game against Tampa Bay in the first quarter after he had his ankle rolled up on during a sack by Stylez G. White. Chris Redman is currently warming up on the sideline, but there has been no definitive word on Ryan's status for the remainder of the game. Ryan has been re-taped and is walking on the jammed toe.

    Source: RotoTimes.com
  2. themush

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    Matt Ryan On The Bench With A Toe Injury

    Watching the game right now and Chris Redman is in the game.

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    I scooped ya Steve!!!! LOL
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    Redman isn't screwing up.....couldn't ask for much more.

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    .........damnit Chris
  4. themush

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    Ryan has gone to the locker room.
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    Redman's doing well so far...
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    Did pretty well at the tail end of 2007. PEople were calling for him to start all season over Harrington (especially after Leftwich went down), was named Player of the Month in Dec, had 10TDs, 5 INTs.
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    A toe injury? wow sounds serious. I guess Ryan has a long road to recovery.
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    Toes are pretty important to the game of football Roy.
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    Especially with QBs and RBs, if you can't plant your tow, you can't set your feet right or drive off the back foot (if that's the damaged toe) without a lot of pain.
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    Ryan out for the second half as well.