Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez Says 2013 'No Doubt' His Last Season

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    Entering the 2012 season, Gonzalez said he was 95 percent sure it would be his final year. After an NFC Championship game loss to the San Francisco 49ers, a loss that left Gonzalez contemplating at his locker for an extended period of time -- that percentage went up. He says he truly believed he was calling it quits, FOXSports South reports.

    "When I went home, I was able to talk to my family and my close circle -- specifically, my son Nico -- he was the reason I was going to retire, anyway," Gonzalez said in an interview with NFL Network on Wednesday. "He lives out in LA with his mom, he doesn't live with me during the season, so I wanted to spend more time with him. [Nico] said, 'You know what, dad, you guys have a great team. I think you should go out and try it one more time.' And after he said that, with everything that fell into place, with the type of team we're going to have . . . it was kind of a no-brainer."

    Gonzalez firmly stated that the 2013 season would be his last.

    "Without a doubt, yes. Without question," Gonzalez said.

    Source: The Redzone
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  2. Crowned

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    Didn't he say something along those same lines last season?
  3. DaBears22

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    Atlanta was so close last season to the Super Bowl. I bet he decided to come back 5 minutes after the NFC Championship game was over lol.
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    He'll play until he can't move. He's gunna wind up being just like Farve. Should've gone to Denver. With him, that offense would've been truly unstoppable
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    Channeling #4, Tony? :tsk:
  6. GreenFish11

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    Not at all.. This will be his last just like he said.

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  7. JEMicklos

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    He said last year was gunna be his last...
  8. GreenFish11

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    He said 95% then they went to the nfc championship lol

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    Yea, this is the first time. Lol