Falcons WR Roddy White Admits To Penalty On Game-Winning TD

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    Atlanta wide receiver Roddy White acknowledged that he shoved Ravens cornerback Josh Wilson to the ground to get open for the game-winning touchdown Thursday night. When Falcons quarterback rolled out to elude pressure, White made contact with Wilson with his right hand, sending him to the ground. White easily caught the pass and scored the 33-yard touchdown. "Yeah, you've got to do whatever you've got to do to win," White said. "It was one-on-one coverage with one guy. But he was kind of flat-footed, and he tried to grab me, so I just pushed him down."

    Source: Jamison Hensley, Baltimore Sun
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    Fed-Ex will be delivering a special package to you next week dumbbutt.
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    i dont know how that side judge didnt see that..........but oh well
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    lol...love Roddy White.
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    Crapty crapty non-call.

    But I can see how they missed it. After all, the guy only fell on the ground and tumbled right in front of them.
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    Holy crap! Didn't see the play until just now.

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    Lol, UAB for the win.