Florida State QB Christian Ponder Impresses Scouts In Passing Drills

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    Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder wasn’t sure if he would throw during quarterback drills Sunday at the NFL Scouting Combine. “Originally the thought was to not throw,†he said. “A lot of guys viewed it as a negative. But I kind of learned that Blaine Gabbert and I were the only ones not to throw, and the competitor in me, I had to throw.†Ponder, who celebrated his 23rd birthday on Friday, was the consensus top performer during Sunday’s passing drills. While Cam Newton struggled with accuracy – especially on the “out†routes – Ponder displayed by far the best combination of accuracy and arm strength among the 18 quarterbacks at the Combine. “Christian Ponder looked more like first round pick this afternoon than Cam Newton did,†said Tony Pauline, draft expert for Sports Illustrated. Ponder’s performance at the Combine mirrored his performance last month at the Senior Bowl, when scouts raved about his work ethic, preparation and performance in the game. Ponder has a lot to prove before April’s draft, especially that his shoulder and forearm injuries, which nagged him throughout the 2009 and 2010 seasons, won’t be an issue in the NFL.

    Source: Palm Beach Post
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    He went right after Cam Newtons meltdown and embarrassed him.
  3. I really really like Ponder. Dude is a stud and if he can stay healthy will be a steal in round 2.
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    I would love for the Dolphins trade back and take him at the end of round one
  5. good call
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    Ponder looks like he's going to be a decent QB in the NFL. Maybe in Chad Pennington mold but with a stronger arm.
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    And better feet. I honestly would put him at the top of my board for qbs and I really hope he hasn't climbed into the first and SF can pick him up early in the 2nd.

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