Former Chiefs RB Priest Holmes Says Some Some Hits Changed Color Of The Sky

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    Priest Holmes retired after 1,780 carries during an NFL career that spanned more than a decade with the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. In an interview with The Daily, Holmes describes violent helmet-to-helmet collisions in chilling imagery where the sky changes color, including a bright light in what seems like a near-death experience. “This color obviously isn’t going to be blue. It can be a color that can be orange. It can be red. The sky could turn green,†Holmes told The Daily. “There’s even an episode where you see a clear light, like light at the end of the tunnel.†Holmes, 38, continues working with his foundation helping children, he also was part of the Longhorn Network last season, doing televised University of Texas sports events. Holmes says he loves football, but it has been difficult dealing with the physical toll on his body. “The frontal headaches, the migraines. Laying in bed, it’s tough to get out mornings just because of the pain that is setting in with an arthritic condition, it’s things like that that you never would have really thought about,†Holmes told The Daily. Holmes, according to the report, is not part of litigation against the NFL for ignoring the dangers of head trauma.

    Source: Sporting News
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    This isn't targeted a Holmes. But FREAK I'm soooooo freaking tired of hearing these big tough men whining like 4 year old snitches. It's a cash grab, that's all. Suck it up and spend your millions (assuming you didn't blow it) and live the rest of the life in silence.
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    i just read that article...some scary crap
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    Have you not considered media spin? Don't get me wrong there are guys who are going to milk to get what they can from the pending lawsuit, but in this situation (and probably others too) Priest is just answering a question.
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    Oh well suck it up.
  6. Crowned

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    I've taken some some hits that changed the color of the sky too. Those were acid hits, but still.
  7. Yep I know what Priest is talking about. Hopefully he isn't after money!
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    He took some hard hits, one off the top of my head was the Merriman hit that knocked him out.

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