Former Kansas QB Reesing Signs With CFL Team

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  1. It's not exactly a surprise that Todd Reesing was overlooked by NFL scouts. While the Kansas media guide says Reesing is 5-foot-11, 200-pounds, the diminutive quarterback looked every bit a boy among men, a Flutie-like presence behind an offensive line that made him appear to be a Pop Warner prodigy.

    Still, you can't question Reesing's production or his on-field smarts. He led Kansas to the Orange Bowl and played three full seasons with a quarterback rating never below the 134.95 he put up his senior season.

    Reesing is the exact type of quarterback that should thrive in the CFL, where the Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the signing of the former Kansas star earlier this week. Reesing will compete for a job with former Boise State quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie and former North Carolina Tarheel Darian Durant.

    "I've got to study hard and understand the concepts," Reesing said. "If I can get the plays down and know what I'm doing than it will come down to my ability and how I execute."
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    Good for Todd, a lot of pros in the NFL really valued their careers in the great white north. Maybe he'll come down and be back up someday
  3. His passes lack velocity. Although I do think he could be a wildcat QB
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    I honestly never see Todd playing in the NFL, but its clear he has a passion for the game. I think a lot of his success was from the way Mangino built the offense for his abilities. Short, crisp, throws on timed routes. Reesing does have the rare ability to extend the play which will in turn work in his favor.
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    I can respect that.
  6. I like your analysis.
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    this is not a endorsement of Reesing as a legitimate nfl QB, but aren't we all tired of nfl scouts looking for an exact height/weight/etc. in an nfl qb prospect to even consider him?

    There are so many other factors in a successful nfl qb that need to be considered in addition to height and it just seems that too many scouts completely eliminate someone simply because of height. What make/made guys like Flutie, Brees, Tarkenton, and Theismann successful was their smarts, passing accuracy, ability to read coverages, competitiveness, etc in spite of their height. And it's not just the QB position. Barry Sanders was overlooked going into college and questioned going into the pros because of his short stature.

    I would much rather have a roster full of men with heart/smarts for the game than prototypical robots ................
  8. not really. Reesing is only 5'11. That is simply to short to see a defense. He also isn't big enough to withstand an NFL hit. (think Pat White except without the shiftiness)

    I'm sure they don't eliminate him only due to height. However, like I said earlier his passes lack velocity.
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    reesing is the exact same size as drew brees (brees is NOT 6'0", as many sites claim -- players attest to that). the height/weight argument isn't holding up in this case.

    as far as poor velocity, THAT is a case against someone going to the nfl level but 5'11" and 200 pounds is plenty big IF the QB has the smarts, vision, and arm.
  10. Brees is the exception.

    However, I agree with you. I think you always have to consider players even if they may lack an inch or 2.
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    I've watched and seen Reesing in person on many occasions, and i think he is shorter than his listing also