Former NFL DE Simeon Rice Says 'I Was In A Class Of My Own'

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    Last week Warren Sapp told The Tampa Tribune that Simeon Rice is a better pass rusher than Michael Strahan. This week Tiki Barber, a former teammate of Strahan, said that Warren Sapp is an idiot.

    Rice joined Booger McFarland and Rich Herrera on 98.7 The Fan and said his own body of work shows that he was a tremendous pass rusher and that he never got the respect he truly deserved. Rice said that Michael Strahan was an excellent defensive lineman, but Rice himself was in a class of his own. Rice said that he felt that he impacted the game by being one of the first hybrid defensive ends in the NFL.

    Source: The Redzone
  2. JEMicklos

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    Rice was a stud. In his prime, he was the best in the game. Strahan couldn't hold his jock strap
  3. mj1987us26

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    Homer much?
  4. JEMicklos

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    From 2001-2005: 67.5 sacks, 31 pass deflections, 4 INT's, and 21 FF's. That's an average of 13.5 sacks, 6.2 pass deflections, 0.8 INT's, and 4.2 FF's a year. Those are pretty good numbers. Every year he started 16 games, he had 10+ sacks.
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    Rice really was underrated most of his career. Kind of strange.
  6. Crowned

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    Rice was really good. I wouldn't say Strahan couldn't hold his jock though.
  7. DaBearsrule4ever

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    I'll take Strahan everyday of the week over Rice.

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