Former Saints, Chargers RB Chuck Muncie Dies Of Heart Attack

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    Chuck Muncie, a member of the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame and former standout running back for the San Diego Chargers, has died at the age of 60.

    The Saints and Chargers both confirmed his death, while ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that he died from a heart attack.

    A 2008 L.A. Times story on Muncie chronicled his redemption from drug abuse that ended his NFL career early.

    Muncie went to prison in 1989 for selling cocaine. Years after his release from prison, where he spent 1½ years, the former running back great founded the Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation, which has helped “countless youngsters avoid the bad decisions that nearly destroyedâ€￾ Muncie, the Times said.

    Source: WWLTV,com
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    RIP Chuck...
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    Only 60.

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    Great Player.

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    I Remember after the games you would always see munchies talking to reporters smoking one cigarette after another. RIP he was a hell of a player!
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    Damn. :tombstone:
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    Former Saints, Chargers RB Chuck Muncie Dies From Heart Attack

    The first Saints player to gain 1000 yards, Chuck Muncie is a household name to anyone who is a old-school Saints fan.
    It's a general consensus among many that had it not been for drug and attitude issues, Chuck Muncie could have been one of the All-Time NFL greats. Whenever I watch highlight films of him, it looks to me like he was just striding effortlessly through tacklers.
    Anyway, another piece of Saints History is laid to rest.
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    He was a Saint before he was a Charger.
    Thing is, he will always be special to Saint Fans because he had that 1000 yard season back in 1979. He averaged, like, 5 yards a carry that year. It took 13 seasons for that to happen and it was a pretty big deal to us back then. Up until that point, the Saints really weren't very good (just in case you didn't know, truth is, they really weren't that good then). But it happened at a time when New Orleans was finally putting together some teams that at least could play. With Muncie and Tony Galbearth at fullback the Saints finally had a decent running game.
    I can still remember getting all excited as a kid watching highlight clips with Muncie slipping through the line of scrimmage for 40 yard gains.
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    [ame=]Cal Football: Chuck Muncie tribute - YouTube[/ame]

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