Former Saints DB Steve Gleason Did Not Authorize Release Of Gregg Williams Audio

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    Former New Orleans Saints defensive back and special teams player Steve Gleason says he did not authorize the release of any recordings from a film about him, and that includes controversial audio of former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' pre-game speech in January. Gleason suffers from ALS and has been chronicling his fight with filmmaker Sean Pamphilon. On Thursday, Pamphilon made public audio excerpts of Williams giving a fiery speech and calling on his defensive players to injure members of the San Francisco 49ers the next day in the playoff game, now Gleason says he feels betrayed. "The Saints trusted me and gave us unlimited access in filming, and I, in turn, trusted Sean Pamphilon. Sean Pamphilon and I have an agreement that all recordings ultimately belong to me and my family. Nothing can be released without my explicit approval. I did not authorize the public release of any recordings. A multitude of feelings have passed through me. I feel deflated and disappointed. I feel frustrated and distracted. Nevertheless, these feelings will pass, and I will continue steadfast in my mission." Pamphilon said Thursday he took action because he felt to do otherwise would have been wrong and that it was important for such graphic evidence to be in the public forum. "If this story hadn't broken and been made public, I would not have shared this it. I would not have compromised my personal relationships and risked damaging Steve Gleason's relationship with the Saints. I would have crafted these words and sentiments for another forum, perhaps years down the road. If it weren't for the fact I feel deeply that parents of children playing football MUST pay attention to the influence of men who will sacrifice their kids for W's, I would not have written this. Some will call me releasing this audio for fame or money grab. True haters will call it exploitation."

    Source: USAToday

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