Free-Agent DB's Husain, Hamza Abdullah To Take Off 2012 To Make Pilgramage To Mecca

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    In four seasons in the NFL, Husain Abdullah has proven himself to be a significant member of the Vikings secondary as, in the past two years, the safety has combined for four interceptions and 12 passes defended. But for Abdullah, his faith is more important, and according to, Husain Adbullah and his brother Hamza, an eight-year veteran who played with the Cardinals last year, will skip the 2012 season so they can speak at mosques around this country before they make a pilgrimage to Mecca. The Abdullah's are Muslim, and apparently, they feel they have a bigger dream to pursue than just football.

    Source: CBSSports
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  2. Alcohol_IV

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    Can't wait for retirement?
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    No, let them take a year off to follow their religious pursuits. If Tebow did it, he'd be heralded as a man of his faith. I'm not of their beliefs, but they have a right to do so and if someone gives them a shot in 2013, so be it.
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    I guess it's time to meet their Mecca.

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