Free Agent LB Brian Bank Invited Back For Seahawks Minicamp

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    Brian Banks' first impression upon the Seahawks was good enough the team decided it wants a second look according . Two weeks after he was exonerated of charges of rape and kidnapping, the former high-school star had an audition at the Seahawks' facility, just him and the Seahawks' coaches, including Pete Carroll, who offered him a scholarship to USC almost 10 years ago. He arrived in Seattle just after midnight, traveling with his girlfriend and attorney and he was up at 6:45 on Thursday for an NFL tryout that he not only embraced, but was grateful for and he answered questions after the workout wearing a sweatshirt that proclaimed "XONR8." "I feel more appreciative of the opportunity than I feel deserving," Banks said. There are a number of people who would dispute that, foremost among them Carroll. "He deserved a chance," Carroll said. "This was a guy who just deserved it." Banks ran the 40-yard dash, but didn't know the time the team logged, Banks said he has been running in the mid 4.6's, low 4.7's in training for this. He is 6 feet 2, 239 pounds. "Regardless of how it turns out, it's the fact that he's made it to this point and he's going to get this opportunity, I hope it helps other people," Carroll said. "That's an emotional exchange, it's worth passing along."

    Source: The Redzone
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    rooting for this kid.
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    id love for him to go on to have a HOF career, and id love for her to actually be raped....maybe by all the inmates at the prison he did his time at

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