Free Agent WR Terrell Owens' 911 Call In October Was Suicide Attempt

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  1. TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before Terrell Owens was rushed to an L.A. hospital for a possible pill overdose on October 6 -- and according to Terrell's assistant, T.O. was trying to kill himself. During the call, placed at 11:02 PM, the dispatcher asks the assistant on the phone, "Was this a suicide attempt?" -- and she responds, "Yes, I believe so." While she was on the phone with the dispatcher, the woman claims T.O. was "talking to his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend ... don't really know what you wanna call it." T.O.'s rep declined to comment. T.O. was famously hospitalized back in 2006 for a similar incident -- when he insisted he had a bad reaction to painkillers ... despite reports he tried to commit suicide by swallowing 35 Vicodin pills. T.O. later held a news conference on the matter and stated, "The rumor of me taking 35 pills, I think is absurd. I don't think I would be here if I had taken 35 pills."

  2. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    He's tried to commit suicide in the same fashion in the past right? and they tried to deny it? Come on T.O. get your act together.
  3. Steve12

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  4. wonderyears

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    If this is true, get some help TO. No one should commit suicide, things will look up.
  5. KISSman

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    It's almost hard to fathom how some of these celebrities & athletes who have been lucky enough to achieve their hopes and dreams just want to put an abrupt end to it all.

    That being said, I hope T.O. can find some inner peace somehow. It's sad that he's now tried this twice.
  6. 86WARD

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    Dude's gotta get some much of an butthole he can be, he can be a good person too. Would be a sad, sad story to see it end with suicide. Get help...
  7. Buck Fenson

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    I thought this was a rehash of the old thread. Man. He must really want his name out there.

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