FS Dashon Goldson Says He'll Stay With 49ers

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by Sweets, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Sweets

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    49ers safety Dashon Goldson told the San Jose Mercury-News he thinks he'll be back with the team in 2013. He's scheduled to be a free agent after the Super Bowl. "We haven't spoken anything about a contract, but I don't see why I wouldn't be around," Goldson said.

    Source: CBSSports

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer Staff Member GIF OG

    I like Dashon, but if he blows another assignment like that 1st quarter bomb to Julio Jones, he might not have a choice in the matter
  3. The Mullet

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    Please, one bad play? Dude is a top 5 Safety and a BIG part of the defensive success. Pivitol that he comes back

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer Staff Member GIF OG

    I think he is a top safety in the league as well. And like I said I like Dashon, but its not one bad play. Two things:

    I only made the comment I made, because there have been several discussions about his propensity to make assignment mistakes. And when Julio caught the ball and I saw who messed up, I wasn't surprised. You don't think the Ravens are going to target him to see if they can make him slip up, knowing that he has a history of it? Just like we targeted Suh against Detroit with the run game.

    He wants a huge payday and the FO has shown they stick to the price that makes sense. If he wants more, I think SF lets him go and finds someone else to develop.
  5. The Mullet

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    I could see that, though I hope not. I think elite safetys are VERY under-rated. Also, I think saying he has a history of it is a bit unfair. There is a reason we haven't allowed any other 40+ passes since last year's playoffs. He can be overly aggressive, but I have seen that getting better as he gets older.

    ICECOLD 1st Stringer Staff Member GIF OG

    Good points. Since Harbaugh and crew has been in town, he has been much more consistent. And from what I read he almost took a deal from NE, but came back to SF, so maybe that bodes well for all parties involved. I really hope that guys decide to take a little less to stay in town and help the team keep more of the core players. Similar to what NE has been able to do.
  7. Walnuts

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    He does that crap all the time, always has. Terrible discipline in coverage and gets burned deep a LOT, but all the fans see are the big licks and picks and its OMGZZZZ HES A PRO BOWLER.

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