Giants LB Clint Sintim Appears To Have Been Waived By The Team

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    On Wednesday afternoon, Clint Sintim sent out an ominous-sounding tweet. "Change is inevitable....That's (a part) of life," the Giants' linebacker wrote. "How a man responds to change ultimately defines his always...#DontCountMeOut!" Sintim is trying to come back from a second major knee injury in as many years after shredding his patella tendon and anterior cruciate ligament one season after tearing his ACL. Though he's been telling his Twitter followers to not count him out for months now, it seems his time with the Giants could be up. The team released a new roster today and Sintim is not on it, the Giants are in the midst of making a bunch of additions and subtractions to the roster and Sintim, who has been on the physically-unable-to-perform list since the start of camp, is a long way from playing another meaningful down.

    Source: The Star-Ledger
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    always wanted to see him succeed, even as a giant
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    Put him in a 3-4
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    he was a 34 OLB all the way, drafting him was a waste from day one
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    I hope we get in touch with him, especially with Wilbur out for about a month

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