Giants QB Eli Manning Says "We're Not A Dynasty"

Discussion in 'New York Giants' started by Sweets, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning‘s deftest skills might be his ability to sidestep media questions and remain humble even with his high-profile success and joining “NFL AM†Wednesday morning the New York Giants’ quarterback brushed-aside a question by Eric Davis about if the Giants should be in the dynasty discussion. Manning’s response was to talk about making his teammates better and taking a step forward from a 9-7 record. Davis, however, didn’t let him off the hook. He asked Manning again, more bluntly this time, if his Giants were a dynasty. “No. No, we are not,†Manning said. “We had a little break and the two years prior to last year we didn’t make the playoffs. We have work to do.†Apparently Eli’s opinion on dynasties doesn’t vibe with the current media’s propensity to bestow the title on any team who wins multiple titles within recollection of each other. “We have good players on this team,†Manning said. “We have potential to be a playoff team and make a run once we get into the playoffs. It’s a matter of going out there and proving that, and everybody playing to their level of play. “That is where our challenge is. We know each year if you don’t come out and give it your all and play to the best of your ability you aren’t going to win football games and we have to maximize our talents."

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  2. SeanTaylor21

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    He's completely correct. They fell into the playoffs and miraculously the entire team decided to play up to their actual ability and even then we still fell butt backwards into the SB.
  3. Dragonite

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    Was anybody saying you WERE a dynasty?
  4. Chipper10

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    If there was a team that you can say got lucky..this was it last season lol.
  5. SeanTaylor21

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    I'd say the Patriots got pretty lucky too...They barely made it to the SB.
  6. screw all this luck talk. The Giants deserved it.
  7. 86WARD

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    Back in to the playoffs, front in, whatever, they got in and they won the Super Haters gonna hate...
  8. ball in the baskett

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    playoffs are where great teams win and they did it so they deserve it im not taking the giants lightly this year
  9. SeanTaylor21

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    I'm not taking your little shady running back lightly this year.

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