Giants WR Hakeem Nicks Expects To Be Back On The Field 'In A Day Or Two'

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    New York Giants wide receivers coach Kevin Gilbride expressed frustration with Hakeem Nicks' groin injury Thursday, pressuring the contract-year player to get back on the practice field.

    Nicks downplayed his groin issues Friday, refusing even to call it an injury.

    "I don't feel frustrated at all," Nicks said via the New York Post. "It's only the second week of camp. Just being smart. I'll be back out there in a day or two. ... I'm just trying to protect myself from myself. I'm so competitive. (This is) something I would have pushed myself and pushed myself through last season."

    In light of his injury history, Nicks can't be blamed for protecting his body in a contract season. At the same time, the Giants no longer can count on their No. 1 receiver to stay healthy for 16 games. Fortunately, the Giants' No. 3 receiver, Rueben Randle, has dominated training camp with Nicks on the sidelines.


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