Giants WR Victor Cruz Hopes To Receive A New Contract Before Season's End

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    Victor Cruz’s No. 1 focus is making more plays like his 77-yard game-winning touchdown against the Redskins on Sunday.

    But the Giants receiver’s contract situation is enough on his mind that he has a timeline for when he’d like to get a new one.

    “We would like to get it done before the season’s (over),†Cruz said Tuesday in his weekly spot on WFAN Radio. “We don’t want to drag it along, and (have it) become something that blocks the team in the offseason, and something that is in the media every day. We don’t want it to get like that. We want to just knock it out halfway through the season, or during the season at the very least, and put it behind (us).â€

    Cruz, in his third NFL season, is earning $540,000. He’s due to become a restricted free agent after the season, so the team could keep him for another year with a one-year tender, but he’s seeking a long-term deal.

    Source: Newark Star Ledger
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  2. CaptainStubing

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    he's going to get paid big money
  3. Sportsguy

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    I agree and he deserves it he is one of the best revievers on this team
  4. CaptainStubing

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    coughlin is pretty old, so i suppose they need to revive him quite often ............. having a good reviver nearby is a big asset

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