Giants WR Victor Cruz Now Says He Doesn't' 'Feel Underpaid At All'

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    Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz attemped to clarify his recent remarks where he suggested he didn't shoot for or get every dollar after signing a six-year, $45.879 million contract.

    Cruz told reporters he's fine now with his deal, acknowledging his past comments as an "honest feeling at the time."

    "It was (perceived) rather incorrectly," Cruz said. "I don't feel underpaid at all, I'm very excited about my contract and I'm very excited about where I'm at with this team, the position I'm in with this team, I'm excited about everything. I don't look at anyone else in terms of what they got and what everyone else got, it was just a general feeling, an honest feeling at the time and it got kind of depicted the wrong way. But I'm excited man, I'm here."

    Cruz has gone from undrafted rookie to one of the top compensated receivers in the NFL.

    "If you look at the statistics I'm not even supposed to be standing in front of y'all answering these questions," Cruz said. "For me to be here with a contract that's over six years and to be with the best franchise in football, that's great."

    Source: National Football Post
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    Giants should switch him to DB.

    That's some mighty impressive back pedaling footwork...

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