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    I'd like to see if I can get the entire community's help on this one. As we head to wards the upcoming football season we are trying to find ways to improve the site as a whole to the members. At the end of the day we want to hear what you have to say and have a dedicated staff who is working their butts off to find the latest topics for you to opine on. Sometimes though, in an effort to get the 'scoop' for you guys we might make an error or two. Maybe a misspelled headline, maybe a distorted image, maybe something else. If that ever happens and you notice it, please help us fix it as soon as we can by simply using the report feature on the site.

    How do you use the report system? It's simple, when you see something odd just click on this icon: [​IMG]

    You'll find it here in a news post:


    Here in a regular discussion thread:

    Here in a NFL blog in the NFL Writer's Block:

    The report system is not just for infractions. It's a great tool that can help us make GIF the best damn football site around. We can all help in making sure we keep the site to standards that will attract new members on the site. Thanks in advance to all who take the extra time to help with this.
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    Aye aye Captain.

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    Will do !
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    I prefer to laugh at the staff. Perhaps when the tears of laughter have left my eyes, I'll click it.

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